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Self-Cleaning Gutter™

11 Years

Clean in 2008...
After several seasons.

18 Years

Cleaner in 2015...  7 Years Later...
How can this be?

Why is this gutter cleaner 7 years later in 2015 than it was in 2008?

"Because these gutters really are virtually self-cleaning, and have been for more than a decade!"  The rain that enters the gutter through the two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels, flush out any small debris that may have followed the rain in... and it rained hard a few days before the photo on the right was taken in 2015, seven years after the center photo  was taken in 2008. That "heavy flow" of rain in 2015, washed the bottom of the gutter; making it even cleaner as it washed out much of the dirt shown in the photo taken in 2008. After more than a decade this gutter is almost as clean as when we installed it new and made it self-cleaning with Gutter ProTech Self-Cleaning gutter protection panels.
"No one has cleaned this gutter in over 10 years."

About Gutter ProTech®

Gutter ProTech  is a rain gutter protection "panel" that can be professionally installed over new or  existing rain gutters to keep debris from entering your gutter and clogging it. The panels can be installed with most types of roofs and rain gutters, turning them into virtually Self-Cleaning gutters™.
"No one will ever need to climb a ladder again to maintain your rain gutters".

Gutter Protech...  your permanent solution to clogged gutters.

By utilizing two laws of physics, gravity and surface adhesion Gutter ProTech® converts ordinary gutters into very low-maintenance, virtually self-cleaning gutters™ and If any maintenance is needed, it can be done safely from the ground.

Another quality feature
that differentiates Gutter ProTech® from the competition is the two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels. These louvers restrict the size of debris that might follow a hard rain in. Over a decade of (real life testing) show that even pine needles don't clog these gutters.

The Gutter ProTech® panels on the working model we use at shows, capture and deliver water into the rain gutters at a flow rate of 16.8 gallons per hour per inch of gutter.  That equates to almost double the record amount of rainfall ever recorded in the USA.

Gutter ProTech Self-Cleaning gutter™

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